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By Yana Toboso

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus - Episodes 3 & 5


you can still have no lines in a movie and still be a phenomenal actress


When you sneeze and no one says bless you… and then someone popular sneezes and everyone says bless you.

How They Propose (Kissed By The Baddest Bidder)

  • Eisuke: Roses. Eisuke's been incredibly distant latley. He also seems twice as busy with his work, so the last thing you expect is for him to invite you on a date at the end of the week. The garden is lush, with red roses strung throughout the area. In the middle a clean white table, with a sparkling diamond ring in the center. "I want you to stay by my side, forever."
  • Baba: Personal. He's holding your small hand in his much larger one. Leading you down to the empty auction room. You take a seat on the balcony next to him. When he lets go of your hand, you feel something cold and hard pressed into it. Opening you see a pretty pink diamond ring. "I've wanted to protect you since the moment I saw you in that cage."
  • Mamoru: Simple. It's just a quiet night at home. He insisted on ordering food, and afterwards your head is on his shoulder, hand in his own. You notice something cold sliding down your ring finger, and when you glance down you notice a glittering ring. "This is how I wanted to ask you to spend the rest of your life with me, right here in our home."
  • Soryu: awkward. Everything has to be just right, of course everything goes wrong. Right when he's about to ask you, the band he hired begins playing the romantic song he wanted them to play after you said yes. The order came back wrong twice, and the waiter spilled all of his drinks on you. Finally, he gives up, and slides over the black velvet box to you. "I promise if you say yes, our wedding won't be as disasterous."
  • Ota: Colorful. For weeks he's been locking himself up in his studio. Everyday when he comes back home he seems a bit disappointed. As if something's been left incomplete. You can tell that the frustration is getting to him, until finally one day he seems very relaxed. You're incredibly worried, until one day he takes you to the studio, showing you dozens of paintings, he drops down on one knee, and holds out a ring. "No matter how much I painted, I couldn't seem to express all my love for you. This is probably the only way how."
  • -SKY
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My Sweet Bodyguard non-gree 
Seiji Goto - Honeymoon Story

"Let’s go home."

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Current state of the Free! Fandom:





I’m a sucker for historical games!! Oh my gosh!


Bonjour Koiaji Patisserie short PV reup

[4/5] Biases: Butler Zain
[CG Credit: sai2310]
First of all, I would like to say that he’s very attractive. Just look at those beautiful green eyes. I can stare at all his CG’s all day long. The reason why I love Zain is because of his uniqueness, and that he’s secretive but when he actually reveals his true intentions he does have some difficulty to control it. I also believe he’s secretly a closet pervert. He may be a butler but he’s definitely my prince.

I swear to god dem graphics