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[4/5] Biases: Butler Zain
[CG Credit: sai2310]
First of all, I would like to say that he’s very attractive. Just look at those beautiful green eyes. I can stare at all his CG’s all day long. The reason why I love Zain is because of his uniqueness, and that he’s secretive but when he actually reveals his true intentions he does have some difficulty to control it. I also believe he’s secretly a closet pervert. He may be a butler but he’s definitely my prince.

I swear to god dem graphics

Kamisama Hajimemashita Season 2 

Ugh I can’t believe a season 2 is coming out. I don’t really want it. The ending of season 1 ruined it to be honest 

Voltage be like









Voltage guys:





For people who either have big screens, want to make pretty graphics or are quality obsessed, here’s the HQ (1700x2500) release for all three chapters of Alice Love Fables ~Rose Petit Coeur~ we’ve released so far in our private blogs. We’ll try to provide both regular and HQ releases for the future chapters as well. :)

For new fans not familiar with this manga, Alice Love Fables ~Rose Petit Coeur~ is a collection of stories about various Wonderland characters from the Alice series, featuring Kawahara Ren’s super cute art. The book contains standalone stories of multiple pairings, and the first three chapters we’ve scanalated so far feature the BloodxAlice pairing. We plan to translate the whole book eventually, so cheer for us! ^o^

Alice Love Fables ~Rose Petit Coeur~

Love is like an hourglass  (BloodxAlice)

Chapter 1 HQ  Download

Chapter 2 HQ  Download

Chapter 3 HQ  Download

For any reader who’d rather have the previous regular sized (1100x1600) release, here are the links to the regular version, which is also available for online reading.

Chapter 1 Download

Chapter 2 Download

Chapter 3 Download

Read Online


Vocaotome- Translator,Cleaner,Editor.

Harroe - Raws, Cleaner, Editor.

Ellis- Proofreader.

Please enjoy the scanalation and do not re-upload anywhere else.  We have made sure to have an online reader option and downloads available for everyone’s needs. Feel free to use anything you see for graphics purposes.


恋してしまった星の王子 (Koishite Shimatta Hoshi no Oji [In Love with the Prince of Stars]) - Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus [Full-body Images]

Gemini, Aquarius, and Pisces aren’t released yet. This is the largest sprite I could manage :|

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"A Normal Kind of Happiness.” ft. Soryu/MC
A big thank you to archiveofbidders for sharing her gorgeous cosplay photos and making me inspired. please also like/reblog this post.